Working Together

Watching the above video gives you a visual of how I look and a sound bite of me speaking. You can close your eyes and imagine on your own what a day would be like working with me. Or, read on for my thoughts on how you would benefit...

With me as a teammate, you would be around a person that brings high energy to the day's tasks, that is persistent in seeking and finding solutions to problems that occur, and that works at continuous improvement both in processes and abilities. Whether I am leading a presentation in front of a group of people or I am working independently on a task, I am an energized person. I have learned from my years of being an athlete on sports teams and by working to exceeding expectations of managers and customers that I am responsible for my own performance. Additionally, I know that motivating myself improves my chances of winning. Plus, life is always more fun when around fun and energized people.

Even as a very young person, I enjoyed putting puzzles together. Successful businesses are good at solving problems. And, businesses that succeed are filled with people who find solutions. I bring a solution mindset to every work day. You would know that I could be relied on to figure things out. If you needed financial numbers to be organized or reviewed to locate something particular, I would be able to contribute. If you had a technical need, I would be able to troubleshoot and research likely solutions. Reading and learning about innovations and educating myself on topics I know less than I should help me to make connections. You would have someone to coordinate resources and organize projects.

Working with me, you would see me dedicated to the continuous improvement of my work. I am not content with, "That is how we always do it." I actively try to improve my abilities by ongoing learning, improving documentation and coaching others. I am careful to avoid affecting too much change too quickly. I understand and am sensitive to others. I work at influencing positive progress without causing disruption. The best example of my efforts is leading by example using technology and software to improve team communication and collaboration.

I like to work on big challenges. I like to win. I like to work with talented people who are also energetic.

I currently work for the large Bridgestone organization.

Before moving to the Nashville area, I worked for a great small business in New Mexico. The central value contributing to this service organization's success has to be striving to deliver customer service that exceeds expectations. I was selected by the owner to implement service basics based upon the Ritz-Carlton renowned customer service standards. With me on your team, you will be able to rely on me to interact with internal personnel and external clients in a professional and courteous manner.

I am motivated by understanding how my accomplishments contribute to a bigger cause than myself and particular tasks. Keeping the "big picture" in mind helps me to guide others and deliver superior results. I am not scared of big goals or a high-level strategy. My engineering education and analytical thinking makes me good at taking complicated, stressful situations or problems and understanding the details. I am able to envision possible solutions and project plans that simplify the process of overcoming the complex situations. Teammates find value in my problem solving capability.

My Backstory

Being able to wade through details is required in order to achieve an engineering degree. I received my degree in mechanical engineering at Baylor University in Waco, TX. During college, I knew I would enjoy leading people and business decisions, so I also chose to study business administration. I added the minor in business plus a minor in mathematics to my major. My studies in accounting and management formed a solid foundation for my career path as I later managed the books and made plans for business organizations.

After walking the stage for my sheepskin, I chose to move away from Waco and the Design Engineer position I held because I wanted a change in scenery. I have lived in a number of different cities in the United States. I also had the opportunity to live in Australia and France for an extended stay in both countries. I gained perspective on life and working. My work activities around this time of my life ranged from basic building maintenance to being a licensed life insurance agent.